Silvaco supports Child Foundation

Silvaco has chosen to contribute to charity in less developed countries. A lot of families suffer from malnutrition, need necessary medicine and medical attention. They often cannot afford to send their children to school and get an education. “Børnefonden” helps the families in the poor areas to get a more healthy life, good education and support them in creating a long-term livelihood and a continued development in the local community.

We therefore sponsor two children in Togo and two children in Cap Verde. Our contribution enables the boys to attend school, receive free healthcare as well as support to their parents and siblings. Their living conditions have clearly improved.

Several times a year we keep in contact with the children by sending them letters and small gifts. The children show their gratitude by sending us letters and drawings. WE BELIEVE OUR CONTRIBUTION MAKES A DIFFERENCE

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Silvaco supports Danish Red Cross

Silvaco supports Danish Red Cross both nationally and internationally.

The partnership is a cooperation about taking responsibility and making a difference.

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We support the work of SOS Children’s Villages in giving children a loving home

Our childhood is an important factor when defining our life. A happy childhood creates the foundation for a good adulthood. This is why SOS Children’s Villages gives orphans and vulnerable children a loving home and supportive family. The organisation also supports disadvantaged families so that they can take care of themselves and the children are not left alone.

SOS Children’s Villages was founded in 1949 and has today over 500 SOS Children’s Villages in 133 countries. SOS Children’s Villages is independent of any political and religious interest and focuses on long-term development of each child, disadvantaged families and the local community.

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