Created in 1987 in the South of France, Aromatech Group designs, produces and markets complete ranges of food flavours for all application sectors in the food-processing industry: alcohol-free beverages, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, health foods, biscuits/pastry, confectionery, prepared meals, soups, meat, sauces…

Aromatech food flavours are available in various forms (liquid, powder by simple blend, encapsulation by spray-drying and granule) and across all types of legislation (flavours, natural flavours, certified organic flavours, WONF, FTNF). It proposes product certifications such as Kosher, Halal and Organic.

For the past 10 years, Aromatech Group has been committed to the development of organic food to the Food & Drink industry. A range of certified organic flavours was developed to meet natural standards and taste requirements while containing flavour costs. Today, over 1 000 references are available and make up 15% of total sales. Historically, Aromatech holds a leading role in this market segment. Aromatech’s organic flavours are controlled and certified by Ecocert (Europe) and/or BCS (NOP American certification).

As example of innovating concept promoted by Aromatech Group, Aroma-T® is a full range of flavours developed for tea & herbal tea. These flavours are proposed in both liquid and granule forms in order to meet technical requirements of leave spraying and teabag packaging. Dosages are standardised between liquid & granule versions to facilitate their use. This range is available in 3 legislations: organic flavours, natural flavours & flavours.

Aroma-T® range is composed with bergamot, lemon, orange, mint, jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, apple, peach, pomegranate, red fruits, blackberry and exotic fruits, with specific organoleptic profiles developed to meet worldwide consumption trends.

Aromatech’s granulator & spray-dryer pilots allow them to propose to customers all types of trials in real production conditions.


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