The company was founded in 1962 and since 1989 belongs to the Belgian group Tessenderlo Chemie.

The factory and offices are located in Treviglio,15 Km south of Bergamo and 40 Km east of Milano

Farchemia manufactures pharmaceutical and veterinary intermediates and bulk products.

The company has modern production facilities, excellent quality control, an experienced workforce and a highly qualified technical and research staff.

Since 1979 the company is inspected by the FDA, in 1996 received the UNI EN ISO 9002 certificate (# 693/2) and in 2003 the UNI EN 9001-2000 certificate (693/3). Farchemia is an associate of Federchimica

Production is carried out following all Good Manufacturing Recommendations in a modern plant with a wide range of glass and stainless steel reactors. Many kinds of reactions are performed.

The company gives its full attention to environmental and safety problems.


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