Stepan Specialty Products

Stepan Specialty Products innovates and markets scientifically sound, natural, lipid ingredients which improve and maintain health and wellbeing. The company also provides expert advice and assistance regarding the application, processing, laboratory analysis, marketing and legislation of functional ingredients and their products. This makes it possible for customers to get the most of the market possibilities and potential that functional ingredients offer.

Stepan Specialty Products builds on Loders Croklaan’s (subsidiary of IOI Corporation in Berhad, Malaysia) more than 110 years of history and experience in developing and producing specialty fats and oils. Our R&D expertise in this sector is unmatched, which makes it possible for us to create scientifically sound lipid ingredients targeted to specific needs. We’re constantly working to develop and introduce new breakthrough products that enable us – and our customers – to respond quickly to consumers' interests and demands. It’s what makes Stepan Lipid Nutrition the supplier and partner of choice for nutritional supplement and food companies worldwide.

Stepan Specialty Products offers:
Proactive innovation
Product development partnerships
Natural, scientifically sound ingredients
Marketing, regulatory and scientific backing support
Safety and quality control to the highest standards (ISO 9001, HACCP)

Stepan Specialty Products holds globally a strong position in weight management products with Clarinol® CLA and PinnoThin® appetite suppressant. Next to weight management Stepan offers a variety of branded products like Marinol® highly concentrated fish oils (EPA/DHA and DHA) for heart health and eye and brain developmen, NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides with different C8:C10 ratio.


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