Tas Consult

With 40 years of experience in the international fermentation, food, health food and animal feed markets, Tas Consult is your preferred professional partner and reliable source for all types of brewers’ yeast and yeast-derived products. We create superior value for our relations through innovations, partnership and cost control. Our products and activities include:


  • Consultancy for developing new yeast-derived products for the fermentation, animal feed, food and health food industries.
  • Consultancy to the brewing industry for handling the by-products of the beer production.
  • Consultancy to the animal feed, human food, health food and fermentation industries in using yeast-derived products.
  • Development of long-term solutions for by-products for food industries.

Sales and development of speciality product for the animal feed industry under GMP-certification, e.g.:

  • brewers’ yeast
  • brewers’ yeast beta glucan as immune-stimulant
  • autolysed brewers’ yeast for aquaculture and pet food formula
  • autolysed yeast with free nucleotides and fragmented RNA as immune-booster

Sales and development of brewers’ yeast extracts and autolysates as premium nutrient sources for industrial fermentation processes

Sales and development of brewers’ yeast extracts for savoury food applications in liquid, paste and powder form

We purchase also all types of by-products from different food industries for the liquid animal feed markets in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands under GMP-certification, e.g. liquid brewers’ yeast, steamed potato peels, wheat solubles, corn steep liquid, wheat alcohol solubles, milk whey, potato starch, potato fibres, rice by-products, etc.

Non-GMP certified by-products belonging to the green waste product-list are deviated to bio-methanisation installations.

We provide also compost as a natural fertilizer for agricultural purposes.


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